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At Servicebot Solutions, nothing is more gratifying than providing products and services that ensure the health and wellness of our customers.  Our team's expertise is in servicing restaurants,  hospitals,  hotels, and recreational facilities provide us with insight in this new area of service. 
Adopting to cleaning protocols will assist your facilities to return to their customer and Sales Volumes.  Servicebot teams believe our new line of products and services can accomplish this goal.


Our revolutionary autonomous serving assistants, Matradee, Matradee X, and Matradee L, are capable of providing delivery staff with a productivity boost, while decreasing wait times and alleviating annual labor costs.


Convenient cooking - with efficient temperature control.

- Electronically controlled 360° automatic turning pot - for hands off cooking.
- Offers repeatability and quick production for special dishes, and is suitable for catering. This speeds up your process!
- Menu parameters can be accurately adjusted for the perfect dish, every time.
- Power and speed are adjustable for different cooking methods, to get the result you want.


With multiple joints, a wide range and customizable accessories, ARM supports chefs, baristas, bartenders, and more.

ARM is programmed to learn and perform repeatable tasks to ensure automatic and consistent results.

Quickly transfer data, hold pre-set tasks, and communicate with users in different languages.


Richie conquers ground level, multi-level, indoor and outdoor areas for the ultimate robotic delivery experience.

- Avoids obstacles and collisions
- Charges on its own, providing a hands free experience.
 -Alerts customers to pick up items for their convenience.


An all-encompassing robotic solution that cleans shop, DUST-E provides floor cleaning automation on a massive scale.
- Dust-E cleans up to 30,000 sq. ft. on a single charge!
- Vacuuming, mopping, and UV-disinfecting all happen at once to maximize efficiency.
- Dust-E detects obstacles and smoothly avoids them.
- Can be controlled through an app accessible by phone, tablet, or laptop - for your ultimate convenience.

UV Guardian

UV Guardian brings instantaneous sanitization power to every floor.
- Disinfects areas in as little as 30 seconds.
- Effective range of 19.7 feet to maximize - cleaning.
- Returns itself to its charging station, so you don’t have to!
- UV-C Light rated for powerful and effective sanitization.


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